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Re: TWC: Any comments on the charter?

Vashti (
Sun, 23 Jun 1996 23:56:18

Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 23:56:18 
From: Vashti <>
Subject: Re: TWC: Any comments on the charter?

At 10:24 PM 6/23/96 +0100, you wrote:
>I hope the charter sent to you earlier describes the initial purpose
>of this list clearly.
>Today, just prior to my sending news of the list's existence to
>NEW-LIST ANNOUNCE there are 23 people subscribed to TWC-L.

Well, that is a nice size, on other lists i have been on in the past there
were many lurkers, and a "core group" who were talkitive. I am generally
the lurker type, though I will jump in with bits and pieces when the mood
strikes me.

>I don't know what the usual course of development is for mailing lists.

I think it is nice to sort of have an "Introduction" post to the list so
that others can get to know people on the list, general stuff, before they
jump into the list "purpose" subject stuff. I am also in favor of very
little moderation, people tend to "work out" the small stuff. and as a list
gets going it is like a little family and tends to have its little spats, etc.

>I'm finding it remarkable that several suscribers have written to me directly
>saying how much they are looking forward to participating in this type of
>discussion, whilst some others, who were approached as potential subscribers,
>quickly returned messages expressing abhorrence and distaste for the whole
>concept as they understand it.

Hmm...well we live in a world full of people who have no idea of anything
other than the physical world. I am amazed at the number of people who do
not give a second thought to anything spiritual or supernatural or
invisible. And yet we are, essentially...invisible in our TRUE essence.
>Maybe we could discuss our thoughts on the purpose and significance of
>this list, as defined so far, just to get things rolling?

Let me introduce myself (can you guess my name...sorry...Rolling Stones
buzzing in my head now) first...I am 39, female, a Master Herbalist, and a
believer in the use of the substances of the planet for our good, whether
this is mental, physical or spirit*ual. It matters not, at least to me, your
intention, as I am not here to judge what is good and right for you. I am
an RN with a Masters Degree (My Masters is in Public Health) I would
especially like to see Marijuana legalized (at least) for use with AIDS
patients and at best, decriminalized so I could freely plant this delightful
herb without fear.

'nuf for now.

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