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Comments on TWC-L

chilo-amine (
Sun, 23 Jun 1996 04:03:10

Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996 04:03:10 
From: chilo-amine <>
Subject: Comments on TWC-L wrote:

> some others, who were approached as potential subscribers,
> quickly returned messages expressing abhorrence and distaste for the whole
> concept as they understand it.

I guess you're always going to find people like that.

> Maybe we could discuss our thoughts on the purpose and significance of
> this list, as defined so far, just to get things rolling?

Yeah, that's a good idea. I did not get a letter outlining the
"mission" of the list. Is it purely informational, is it activist, etc?
Let me know what your main goal is and I'll discuss it with you. All I
know is that I'm interested in the subject. I guess you just have to
start somewhere and let the thing grow like a living organism. Maybe a
good way to start is by informing people about Huxley's, Leary's, etc.
beliefs about the psychedelic experience, their experiences with dying,
and their motivation for taking hallucinogens at that crucial juncture of
spiritual growth.

This is the first mailing list I've been involved in, so I don't know the
typical pattern of evolution. I say break all the rules, shatter
preconceptions--treat it as if it were the first and only mailing list.
Don't bind its growth--my two cents.

Again, if I can help...



"Nothing is true, all is permitted"
                    Hassan i Sabbah
                    Old Man of The Mountain

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