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re: TWC-L Introduction

Lee Brown (100430.574@CompuServe.COM)
Wed, 03 Jul 96 09:29:41 EDT

Date: Wed, 03 Jul 96 09:29:41 EDT
From: Lee Brown <100430.574@CompuServe.COM>
To: TWC <>
Subject: re: TWC-L Introduction


Just came back from a weeks holiday in the Northumberland and was surprised to
see that the group was already underway and it's participants personalites are
starting to show through.

Well allow me to introduce myself. I'm 28 married with one daughter I now
reside in the East of Scotland (Fife) but originally come from London. I have
been exposed to the "Scene" for 14 years, with little regret. Through my
exposure I have met people and situations with an open heart and mind and quite
frankly I like myself better for my experiences. As tends to be a trend I am
rather fanactical about my musical tastes which tends to be all encompassing and
look at music as a tool in itself. Music (both precorded & my own tinkering on
my keyboard) is utilised in a manner whereby my previous experiences can be
recovered. I am also a keen Hill Walker and have spent many a time at the top
of a hill relaxed in my own chemical splendour, enraptured by the wondors of
nature. But my greatest interest is people. To sit and converse, discuss or
argue. The wonderous combinations of personalities from differing warps of life
never fails to rise to the occasion.

So anyway thats my wee introduction now down to some questions.

At what point are you proposing that the drug is induced? There are various
areas which I feel other drugs become important. Firstly, the use of Cannabis
after Chemotherapy assists by reducing nausea and increasing the appetite thus
assisting in recovery times. Secondly, MDMA use for patients & family who
have recently been informed of terminal illness to enable all concerned to come
to terms with the situation.

Regarding the concern on the legimacy of available drugs this is obviously going
to be a major stumbling block, it is a relativly simple process to recover
naturally forming substances such as DMT from Harmaline. The problem as I see it
is who makes the descion on what and when to prescirbe. I would also like to
add that at present 2-CB is not currently classified (In the UK that is).

Please excuse any gramatical or typo errors as I am composing this introduction
whilst fielding a very busy day for phone calls.

I hope this group will not become to large and unmanagable and that it is not
used as a soap box to attack people based on their beliefs as is very much my
own experience of mailing lists.

Signing off now hope I havn't waffled or missed the point!


*** Born from my Mother. Reborn by a Pill. ***

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