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Is this a repeat, or just a software abberation?

Tony Halmarack (
Sat, 06 Jul 1996 18:37:41 +0100

From: (Tony Halmarack)
Subject: Is this a repeat, or just a software abberation?
In-Reply-To: <>
Date: Sat, 06 Jul 1996 18:37:41 +0100

In message <> several people
including agno249 and Kevin Jones wrote:

> > said:
> >
> > >your message sounds like 'the spirit medium preparing his death.'
> >
> > Well, you may as well do a good job of it. I have no plans myself
> > to die just yet. Then again, I may well have to help a friend
> > with it in the future. We have similar views. Then again, she
> > keeps putting it off - she's got far too much to do at the
> > moment! ;-)

I think many of us do and will need all the help we can get.
Some of us may have time to progress to a state of enlightenment,
or at least a state of equanimity in the face of death, through the
practice of one of a wide variety of disciplines. I believe that for
many people this would be the most beneficial option.
However, there will be many an individual facing death with fear and
trepidation, sans an appropriate state of consciousness, due either to
lack of time, ability or awareness of such options.

One of the main reasons that I and some other people I know might miss
the boat when it comes to esoteric or plain faith based routes to
a peaceful death, is that our lives have been a relentless journey
through the all consuming materialism encouraged by our culture.
Some of us know of nothing else, until suddenly faced by materialism's
ultimate contradiction.

When ones life has been geared to grabbing and then hanging on to
the prized goodies, the analogous "eye of the needle" can present a
distressing logistical problem. If those of us in this position find
no solution within ourselves and remain confused and frightened by
the looming prospect, then perhaps we would do well to join that
colourful and happy band who use psychedelic drugs as their sacrament
(thanks Chris) and spiritual vehicle of choice.

The combination of these two groups would constitute a sizeable
body of people in global terms. More than a sufficient number to
rationalise the existence of The Terminal Wingding Club.

If the TWC were able to provide geographical locations for the
experience to take place, a number of willing guides and helpers
and all the ancilliary backup needed, then the group would be
catering for a significant need with charitable intent.

> > >i haven't been on an astral journey of my mindscape in a long
> > >time,but thinking about them hasn't helped my self esteem much.
> >
> > What's the problem?
> >
> > >i am just reminded that my destiny is to die and to go from
> > >there. whether i must carry on, who is to say?
> >
> > It probably depends if you want to go on or if you've had enough.
> > Then again it may also depend on whether there's anything left
> > to do. Unfortunately life (and death) doesn't come with a user's
> > manual. It would be helpful. You could just turn to page 253 for
> > the answers instead of trying to sort them out as you go along.
> >
> > Anyway, death is certain for everything - including stars and
> > universes. All you can do is put it off. That's the absolute
> > best you can do. In traditional martial arts this is something
> > you learn early - that you could die at any time; maybe even
> > in the next second (in combat that's true). So you consider
> > yourself already dead. The fear goes when you accept it and,
> > oddly enough, life becomes sharper. You see things you
> > otherwise missed or took for granted and you leave very little
> > undone. Most of the reasons why people are upset at funerals
> > are down to what my father calls 'unfinished business'. Things
> > were left unsaid that should have been said, undone that should
> > have been done or said and were never unsaid. Now it's too late
> > and you never get the chance to put things right.
> >
> > Me, I've been to a lot of funerals. I very nearly know all the
> > funeral services by heart. I don't leave unfinished business
> > behind - especially when I get the feeling that it's the last
> > time I'm going to see someone.
> >
> > >i'm not into hallucinagens, because my personal delusion is
> > >goodly messed up as it is.

Do you think this will right itself in the nornal course of events?

Do you think that a dying person in this state could be led to
a more acceptable reality by the use of hallucinogens and the
sympathetic help of experienced guides?


Tony Halmarack =(*)=

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