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Re: Legal problems with access

Tony Halmarack (
Sun, 07 Jul 1996 19:27:37 +0100

From: (Tony Halmarack)
Subject: Re: Legal problems with access
In-Reply-To: <>
Date: Sun, 07 Jul 1996 19:27:37 +0100

[Extracting the urine]

In message <> Chris Whitehouse wrote:

> I think reindeer are rather partial to A muscaria & will happily forage
> for it... then it's just a matter of scooping up the snow where they
> urinate... obviously a seasonal activity :)
> > By the way, how did the Siberians come to realise that drinking each
> > others urine was such a fun recreational activity in the first place?
> Probably by watching the reindeer gobble up the urine soaked snow of
> the Siberians when they relieved themselves - no doubt attracted by
> the distinctive smell.

Hi Chris,

RE: reindeer urine.

You explain this phenomenon so well, it was almost like being there,
breathing in the intoxicating steam. Such a vivid experience, that I
felt the raw icy wildness of that primal landscape

The Terminal Wingding Club's Outing Comittee are currently seeking a venue
for the annual coach trip. While the locations you describe would be
appropriate in many ways for this event, some of our frail-- or, as TWC
jargon would have it-- "riper" members, may be stimulated to pop their
clogs prematurely, in a twighlight state of unpreparedness, due to the
extreme conditions likely to be met there.

A less demanding compromise, offering similar educational value is now
offered for consideration:

Our eighty, or so, trippers stumble onto two coaches, each member
clutching a gnome suit wrapped in plain brown paper, a sacred fishing wand
and a plastic carrier bag full of "Substance X". Then we all set off in a
northerly direction singing "Delilah" and the catchy bits from the "Sound
of Music".

Anyway, to cut the crap, we arrive at Edinburgh, The Scottish Soddom and
Gomorrah. Once through the crimson-lit entrance of "Madame Flora's Spiritual
Poontang Circus" we don our colourful netherworld uniforms and circulate.
Madame Flora's girls, sound of limb and virus free, are dressed as antler
fish. A bit like sea horses, but with the florid cranial proturbances and
cute red noses of our beloved dream symbionts. Fishy ladies wiggle and
gyrate sinuously in the strobe polished depths of a giant punch bowl,
placed centre stage.

---You've guessed it already haven't you?---.

Meanwhile we, spawn of the slippery grotto, mount the benches surrounding
this piscean delight, coaxing erect our gnarled rods.

Hooks are baited with Food of the Gods, cunningly marinated in essence
of Dandelion.

Here's one I did earlier!

Gnome rods flick synchronously, casting their hot "Save me Momma" messages
into each gaping, fishy orifice. Gobble, slurp, gobblety, slurp slurp.

Ethereal light suffuses the gathering. The antler-fish women stand silent,
serene now. Divinely transfigured faces aglow. As the fire of the
Mushroom God envelopes them, their eyes scan the cosmic reaches.
Barely discernable tremors play across their lips as the sinuous
Taraxacinic fingers of the Dandelion spirit caresses their bladders. The
spirit's children writhe and squabble along tingling urethral pathways.

The antler-fish women rise, floating up, shimmering above the
giant punch bowl. A moan of surrender passes their lips,
suffusing the charged air. Simultaneously, each lets go a
sparkling stream. That rare and magical liquor, craved by the
gnomic onlookers rains down. As the giant punch bowl begins to
fill the frail Terminal Wingdingers are lowered gently into the
foaming essence of Soma. Meanwhile the more able bodied wriggle
from their garments and dive thirstily into the lapping waves.

The transcendental experience begins.

> > It would be more suitable in the long term to change the laws than
> > break them.
> I suspect the nature of entheogens is such that their tendancy to
> undermine hierarchical power structures may result in their being
> incompatible with any established social structure which relies on
> a codified system of law as the ultimate authority. In other words,
> I don't think the rules are gonna change within my lifetime.

Surely when our rulers get to know us, they will come to love us
and trust our judgment in these matters.

> And a few more thoughts:
> Am I wrong in assuming that everyone on the mailing list accepts
> without reservation that psychedelic drugs are sacraments, and
> that even should they not always succeed in providing mystical
> experiences, they invariably produce visionary ones (using Aldous
> Huxley's definitions of the terms "mystical" and "visionary")?

I'm with you. Let us practice our spiritual discipline without

> Given the casual attitude that enables people to wipe out thousands of
> insects with a few squirts of insecticide, or destroy millions of
> organisms with the testing of a new bomb, it is strange the value we
> put on our own lives, as if somehow they are of more importance...

Once , when I turned into a locust I had to get out of the way
fast, before I was overwhelmed by a pestilential horde of humans
trying to steal my food.

> What I would like to know is whether anyone has taken
>psychedelics with > someone who was dying... Not that I'm
>suggesting, condoning or advocating > it;

I would very much appreciate any available information on this
subject too. Although in my case I am suggesting, condoning and
advocating it.

> but if they had anything they wanted to say about the
>experience, I'd > be very interested to listen to it; though
>maybe some things are best left > unsaid - if only because words
>themselves can become confusing when trying > to describe the
>undescribable. > > In the meantime, how pleasing to have recent
>contributions from > previously unseen subscribers... hello
>anthony, Lee, Joe, & Kevin :) > > weed >

Hi to all, from me too!

Tony Halmarack =(*)=

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