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Re: Comments on TWC-L
Sun, 14 Jul 1996 09:17:12 -0400 (EDT)

Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: Comments on TWC-L
Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 09:17:12 -0400 (EDT)
In-Reply-To: <> from "Tony Halmarack" at Jul 11, 96 09:18:37 am

some people are in more pain than yourself.
you have the comfort of using hallucinagens for exploration.
there are those in desperation. hopeless. you are hopefull.
the hope you have, envelopes your entire being.
you would enter the void as a doorway -- walking beyond.

the drugs amplify that hope.

> Perhaps though
> , for the purposes of furthering TWC discussion,
> I'll suggest that the terminally ill fall into a variety of
> groups:
> The resigned; The Heroic "Pack up your troubles in your old kit
> bag" brigade; Denial strategists; The just plain confused;
> The downright fearful, and more I'm sure (please elucidate).
> Belonging to one or more of the last three of these groups may be
> why my 92 year old Uncle George hung onto life for two miserable
> final years.

maybe, hallucinagens applify fear -- i'm not one to use needless drugs.
where is the talk of hope -- hope is not found in the drugs.
hope is found within the self.

> > What I'm talking about and I can only speak for myself here, as
> >the purpose of this list is not yet clearly delineated
> I may be prejudiced, having taken a large part in writing the charter
> of this mailing list, but I think those few paragraphs laid a
> pretty definite foundation for further discussion.
> I could very well be deluding myself on this point though,
> because even with 45 current subscribers, there's hardly an
> avalanche of discussion pouring in.

i feel as if my ignorance of hallucinagens hinders my ability
to communicate or understand or even sympathize with ...
the discussion -- the talk -- here has been about drugs and
drug use. drug use is new ground to me. maybe to others as well.
i am not a drug user.

the talk here is off topic off on my off days.
i've got to weed through my own apathy in order to speak up here.
the discussion of drugs isn't necessarily welcoming to me.
the 'i could care less' attitude crops up when i read about people
and their exploration of hallucinagens.

i would speak in limmerick and singsong prose.

the nonsense of drugs is the nonsense of life.
do you see yet ? i have no experience where hallucinagens are concerned.
and i would rather not speak of drugs.

for all of life, is a delusion of the mind. a grand and wonderful
display of flesh enraptured with life -- the meaning and choice
found in existing, both intellectually and physically ...
and possibly spiritually.

my mind just went blank.

what a strange day.

anthony awful

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