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Copy of: Primary Support

Lee Brown (100430.574@CompuServe.COM)
17 Jul 96 09:03:18 EDT

Date: 17 Jul 96 09:03:18 EDT
From: Lee Brown <100430.574@CompuServe.COM>
To: TWC <>
Subject: Copy of: Primary Support


I mentioned in an earlier posting my feelings regrading the use of MDMA to
enable the person/family members of the terminally ill to come to terms with
their illness. This in it self would form part of a support group, as it's
introduction could be handled either on a one to one basis or in a group with a
suitable qualified individual(guide).

By utilising MDMA in this fashion, the "ILL" person could be instructed to gain
insight from themselves, friends, circumstances and beliefs (Spritual awakening
has been regularly achieved on MDMA) and may assist those with little or a
floundering faith. Moreso than listening to someone elses perception of

I myself am a confirmed atheist and hope that my un-blinkered attitude will
assist this group.

On my encounters with MDMA/LSD I have experienced many spiritual insights which
have backed up my own understanding, and have enabled me to understand where I
fit into the Jigsaw of life. (Sorry for the digresion)

Once an inital preparatory course of MDMA has been established, it would then be
possible to administer the psychoactive drug. The use of MDMA and LSD
combinations has a rather startling effect (My opinion). I have used MDMA/LSD
at various stages. These are my basic findings.

Taking 120 mg MDMA: The active qualities of MDMA seem to peak at around 1 1/2 -
2 hours after ingestion. This in my experience is the best time to administer
LSD. I have found that it removes most or all Demons(?) that some users
experience on LSD. Taking an MDMA pre-dose sort of smooths out any rough edges
and places the users inner self in a postion where the psychactive substance
almost allways ensures a good "Trip". I have used this system to introduce
friends who have heard many horror stories regarding LSD, these users have had
profound insights and have then felt confident within themselves to then
progress onto LSD. This is obviously not an option that the soon the be
deceased does not have, and one that MDMA conquers.

Another method I have tried is: Taking either 1/2 or full dose of LSD followed
by 120Mg of MDMA 1/2 hour interval. This tends to provide a fast acceleration
into spirtual awareness, but can also cause some really amazing visuals. This is
definatly an option if we are simply trying to pacify a person prior to death.

In reflection of John and Marcia Actons posting. I feel that the use of MDMA
will enable both parties to explain there fealings. One major fear of the
terminally ill is for those that are left behind. By using MDMA these fears can
be quelled enabling the person to pass on with little worries for those they
leave behind.

If you havn't tried MDMA you may find it difficult to understand the qualitive
issue concerned. Communication at all levels is increased and when taken with
close friends or a loved one all physical/emotional boundaries dissappear. And
remain once the subtance has expired.

Another substance 2-CB which is listed in Shulgins Phikal (which can be found
at Http:// seems to channel these feelings rather than the
more openedness of MDMA.

I hope to following adds areas for discussion, and if I get shot down for my
opinions then so be it. If anyone would like to contact me regarding reading
material on MDMA please feel free.


Tony, Thanks for some nicely constructed pieces. I hope that this group will
allow it's subscribers a chance to voice there own opinions and experiences.
BTW, If any subscriber chooses to take MDMA based on my writtings, please do
complete some background reading before hand.

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