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"Near death experience" as a rebirthing experience

Kevin Jones (100621.17@CompuServe.COM)
20 Jul 96 19:36:18 EDT

Date: 20 Jul 96 19:36:18 EDT
From: Kevin Jones <100621.17@CompuServe.COM>
To: Subscribers to the maili <TWC-L@HALMARAX.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: "Near death experience" as a rebirthing experience

As a response to Charles Swenson's mail, you don't need to use either drugs or
to die to get a near death experience. If you are any good at meditation and
shamanic methods, go down deep within yourself. It's like following a tunnel. It
seems to go on forever. It does require some determination to follow this to its
end, to find out what is below even the subconscious. You are going to get as
far away from 'real' life as you can get this side of death - even the lowest
levels of the subconscious are going to seem miles above where you get to. When
you find the end of the tunnel, what you do is up to you - I ain't going to give
you advice on that. That's up to what sort of person you are. Suffice to say, if
you choose one course of action, your biggest problem is that you don't want to
come back. If you are ever there you will know why. If you don't get there,
there's no point in explaining it. Your second problem - if you get back - is
trying to say what you experienced. How you see it there and how you see it here
is two entirely different things - your mind can appreciate it but your brain
can't process it. For a start, from my perception there are too many dimensions
- the brain is only set up to process three spatial dimensions.

I'm told when I did it that respiration stopped for a considerable time, so did
my heart beat. My body temperature also dropped some - at least to the touch.
People were starting to panic - mind you, I wasn't there, so I was completely
unaware of this. This reality did not exist even as a fantasy. What I personally
know is that I woke up with a splitting headache and feeling ice cold. I also
learnt something major - mind you, I could never put it into words or explain
it. I've since found out that the same experiences are described by various
people over the last several thousand years and by NDE's.

None of this required drugs - just discipline and a bit of knowledge. It's a
traditional method. Oh, there is a third problem; attempting this you might just
die. It's a very, very small but real chance. Then again, if you are about to
die anyway, it's not a problem. You'd just be a bit early.

And yes, Charles Swenson is right - it completely changes your view of things -
drastically! Still, I'd rather do it my way than by way of ketamine - or even by
being so physically damaged as to get to that point!

Tony Halmarack said:

>I was in a car crash once, which, when looking back on it, I don't see
>how it was possible that I did anything other than die.

>Yet, here I am.

We had a bit of a discussion on this once Tony! Will is a funny thing! The
implications of Schrodinger's cat are quite odd. I've been in the same situation
- it was not possible that I would survive - yet I did, completely uninjured. I
left a lot of boggled doctors behind me! At the time I decided I was going to
survive and be OK and sod anything else. Call me bloody minded but that's me.
There are god knows how many cases I've heard of where someone has survived the
totally impossible - including one guy who ejected out of an American fighter at
umpteen thousand feet. The chute didn't open and he landed, still in the seat,
on solid concrete. He got up and walked away. When he realised what he'd done (a
couple of minutes later) he collapsed. He'd left a hole in the concrete from the
impact. Then there's the guy who split a Hawthorn in half having fallen about
5000 feet.... There's a lot of instances like that. Either the people concerned
were completely nuts and totally believed they'd get away with it or were sane
and decided with absolute certainty that 'somehow I'm going to get out of this
OK and in one piece!' And did. I suspect that the universe is odder than we


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