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re: Where d'you want yer ton of bricks Guv?

Chris Whitehouse (
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 08:15:47 +0100

Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 08:15:47 +0100
From: Chris Whitehouse <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: re: Where d'you want yer ton of bricks Guv?

Tony wrote:
>In message <> Weed wrote:
>> The wisest shamen can experience the greatest fear, and the most
>> trivial fool attain supreme enlightenment; either may burst into
>> tears or fits of giggles... All IMHO of course :)
> Yes, OK but which response indicates supreme enlightenment and which
> fear? Just so I can start cultivating myself.

Tony, methinks you're being just a little mischievous :) But if u will
encourage me to gabble on... Are they not all just roles, or maybe stages
along the way? Would like to be more definite, but in such matters I
distrust everything except naivety...

Tony wrote:
>>> and logistical implications...
> If anyone involved in the hypothetical event was committing an
> arrestable offence in the gathering place, then the script would need
> to be modified...

Ok, though that may not prevent it being a juicy story for the taboid
press. Still, one step at a time...

Lee wrote:
> ...The use of MDMA and LSD combinations... basic findings...

Interesting. This may be preferred combination for some (including me).

If MDMA is being used, then wouldn't it be useful to be in contact with
MAPS? (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) (Or are we
already?) - Info below approx 1 yr old.

"...a membership-based research & educational organisation...[focusing]
...on the development of beneficial, socially-sanctioned uses of
psychedelic drugs & marijuana. Such uses may include psychotherapeutic
research & treatment, treatment of addiction, pain relief, spiritual
exploration, shamanic healing, psychic research, brain physiology
research and related scientific enquiries...core mission to make...
MDMA into an FDA-approved prescription medicine."

Bulletin available via anonymous ftp from:
Webpage: hyyp://
email: or

I find that psychedelics require mental energy and the approach of death
is sometimes characterised by weakness & tiredness. Is this likely to be
a problem?

Also unless natural substances are used, pharmaceutical purity (re quality
& quantity) needs to be ensured. This may be the major hurdle.

weed <>

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