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Creating the Death Rite (was Hypnotists and Holy Persons)

boboroshi (
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 10:40:23 -0700 (PDT)

Message-Id: <>
Subject: Creating the Death Rite (was Hypnotists and Holy Persons)
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 10:40:23 -0700 (PDT)
In-Reply-To: <> from "Anexia" at Jul 27, 96 06:03:49 am
From: (boboroshi)

49960727 AA1

new to this list. me-nutshell: tantric monk, satanic outreach director
for the Church of Euthanasia

# From: Anexia <>
# Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 06:03:49 +0100

#># To get enough signatures, one needs to petition in the right places.
#># Campuses of liberal colleges and universities are a good place to start.
#># Rock concerts are another good place to get signatures. I don't know
#># much else about it. I've never actually done it. I know getting the
#># signitures and getting it voted for are lightyears apart.

internet usenet groups: alt.drugs.psychedelics, rec.drugs.psychedelic
alt.consciousness, talk.euthanasia,

#> Seems like a rational approach and a lot of fun. I hope the TWC
#> subscribers who spend time on a college or university campus and
#> go to Rock cncerts, will soon be inspired enough to act on this
#> suggestion.

anonymity of the internet is the first best safety defense.

#> Sorry I went a bit showbiz there but I think your subtle
#> modifications to this idea could help to make it work.
#> Anyone out there willing to take part in a trial run?

# I've done psilocybin + sitar music + candles and lava lamp before.
# Very nice and peaceful (for me at least) :)

as regards psychedelics, see Leary, others, for the basics

set (attitude toward experience) - conditioning toward positive exit
setting (environment of experience) - surrounding with a conducive atmosphere
dosage/chem - psychoactives of peace and harmony like XTC or psilocybin would
likely be best, administered with a lethal injection of something
which does NOT disrupt consciousness but brings on death-sleep.
alternatively warm bath and blooding in a ritual sacrifice.

there are psychedelic reference files ("FAQs") as well as death-related and
suicide-related files too (" FAQ"). has many
of these.

#> I once went to a hypnotist for help in quitting smoking. It was
#> at least a partial success, so I have some faith in these things.
#> I think there is a lot of potential here for consciousness
#> enhancement. Perhaps a TWC group could be hypnotised en masse
#> into the state of Nirvhana.

# I wonder if we can do it over the net <g>

in-person is likely necessary.

#># A hypnotist and a holy-person would make a great team as the leaders on
#># a psychological/psychedelic journey into a place where death is not
#># frightening...where on is prepared and open to move on.

there are books concerning death which integrate positive paradigms: Buddhist,
Shamanic, Neopagan. check them out from the library, utilize their cosmologies
as send-off techniks, publicize the results here and in alt.magick.tyagi and

I will eventually write a 'descent into the underworld visualization' which
will incorporate the kind of nightmarish images from the film 'Ghost' at the
beginning (shadows coming to take me away) yet which lead into the old
underworld of Hades and the shades taking the reader down to become the Lord
of the Underworld (the office is successively occupied and a powerful earthy
wonderland, free and secure).

have mages and visionaries to create such rite-text and visualizations for
the endpoint. alternatively check out such things as the Books of the Dead
from Egypt, Tibet, neuvo-Wicca, etc.

#> Sounds great. Count me in. Does anyone know the addresses of any
#> sympathetic hypnotists and holy-persons? I wouldn't hesitate in
#> joining one of these sessions.

# ...I wonder how one could find such people without having to dangerously
# advertise. Most shamen don't object to hallucinogens, but flying them up
# from the Amazon and getting them to work with a modern hypnotist might be
# difficult. Plus, we don't want to exploit any natives. Any suggestions?

don't be too sure. there is a serious degredation as regards the notion
of death in all parts of the world. some 'shamans' will not wish to be
part of this. I suggest instead using internet (usenet and IRC especially)
to contact those within the Neopagan and alternative religious communities
to work on such a project, at first constructing positive attitudes/views/
visions of the death experience from a variety of perspectives, then beginning
to integrate the subtle neuro-inhibitors and psychedelic experience to infuse
it with power. some will never need those chemical-allies.

#># I imagine the patient, with friends and family, reclining
#># comfortably in a soothing environment. In a mindset that predisposes one
#># to view the universe as a wonderful unity, the patient's subconscious
#># could be lead by the hypnotist (supervised by the holy-person) into
#># acceptance via guided imagery.
#> I don't want to wait until I'm ill to do this.
# I think everybody should do it. I want to try it also. We should
# definitely experience beforehand what we plan to put the patient through.
# It's only fair (and fun).

alt.magick.tantra also. ego-immersion is a prime element in magical and
tantric practices across many cultures (there are many tantrics, from the
Buddhists to Hindus to Western occultists). psychedelics and hypnosis are
often utilized within these systems, though they are not often discussed
at great volume or exposure to public scrutiny.

I also recommend making SEX (particularly intensified and prolonged orgasm)
a part of the final rites, but I'm a peculiar one, opting not only for
consensual human sacrifices but also consensual necrophilic frenzies.

comments/queries welcome in this elist.

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