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Re: Hypnotists and Holy persons

Tony Halmarack (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 22:26:56 +0100

From: (Tony Halmarack)
Subject: Re: Hypnotists and Holy persons
In-Reply-To: <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996 22:26:56 +0100

In message <> Anexia wrote:

> I wonder if there're any people here who understand the legal side to
>getting a bill on the ballot (I'm sure the specifics are different
>from country to country.

I'm sure we're going to get lots of expert political and legal
advice soon. Can't you just feel it coming?

> I've done psilocybin + sitar music + candles and lava lamp before.
>Very nice and peaceful (for me at least) :)

Sounds good to me. Do you think you could guide others along that
nice and peaceful path?

> I wonder if we can do it over the net <g>

I'd say a net was absolutely vital!

> > Sounds great. Count me in. Does anyone know the addresses of any
> > sympathetic hypnotists and holy-persons? I wouldn't hesitate in
> > joining one of these sessions.
> Hmmm...I wonder how one could find such people without having to
>dangerously advertise.

Can you please explain *dangerously* advertise. It's not that I
want to be pedantic, it's just that the sooner this is
clarified, the sooner we can get on with the practicalities.

> Most shamen don't object to hallucinogens, but flying them up
>from the Amazon and getting them to work with a modern hypnotist
>might be difficult.

What? Even with the organisational power of the mighty Internet?

>Plus, we don't want to exploit any natives. Any suggestions?

Couldn't we just offer the chap a bag of shrunken heads?

> I think everybody should do it. I want to try it also. We should
> definitely experience beforehand what we plan to put the patient through.
> It's only fair (and fun).

Spoken like a true pioneer.

Tony Halmarack =(*)=

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