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Re: The Only Revolution

boboroshi (
Sun, 4 Aug 1996 00:35:16 -0700 (PDT)

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Subject: Re: The Only Revolution
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 1996 00:35:16 -0700 (PDT)
In-Reply-To: <> from "Brian Sandle" at Jul 30, 96 06:31:57 pm
From: (boboroshi)

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seemingly everyone's arch-enemy:
#From: Brian Sandle <>

#>From "The Only Revolution" J.Krishnamurti. (1970).

#...They had come from different parts of the world and they seemed
#to have a common question. The question was not so important as their own
#state. Their own state of mind conveyed much more than the question. The
#question was like a door which opened into a house of many rooms. They
#were not a very healthy lot, and unhappy in their own way. They were
#educated - whatever that may mean; they spoke several languages, and
#appeared ill-kempt.

note the predominant precursing ad hominem. stereotypical in its denigration
of "drug users" (and exemplifying its limited origins).

# "Why should one not take drugs? ... You yourself have not taken
#drugs, have you? So how can you, without experimenting, condemn them?"

#No, we have not taken drugs. Must one get drunk to know what sobriety is?
#Must one make oneself ill to find out what health is?....

note the biased language of 'drugs' as compared to a more educated and
experienced alternative such as 'psychoactives' (which would include many
things currently considered 'foods' and perhaps 'recreational substances').

I'd say that one must experience psychoactives in order to know of what
their effects consist and of what value they may be in tweaking the self, yes.

#...What is the necessity of taking drugs at all - drugs that promise a
#psychedelic expansion of the mind, great visions and intensity?

no necessity. if you don't like it, go away.

#Apparently one takes them because one's own perceptions are dull. Clarity
#is dimmed and life is rather shallow, mediocre and meaningless; one takes
#them to go beyond this mediocrity.

I'd say that is a hint. more often it results from a 'take-a-pill-solve-my-
problems' mentality, tho.

#...the aggressiveness of man, his brutatlity, his utter selfishness, which
#no religion, no law, no social morality has been able to tame.

yup. and restriction only exascerbates the problem.

#There is so much anarchy in man - and such scientific capacities.
#This imbalance brings about havoc in the world. The unbridgable gap
#between advanced technology and the unblelievable cruelty of man is
#producing great chaos and misery. This is obvious.

not so obvious to me. I'd say the repressive puritanism of society (not
man in the individual sense) is what causes most of the problem.

#the golden drug that will bring about dynamic sanity and harmony.

few bother to make this kind of claim. arguing against chimerae are we?

#...But the mind, with its extraordinary capacities for scientific
#discoveries and their implementation is still petty, narrow and bigotted,
#and will surely continue, will it not, in its pettiness?

as demonstrated here??

#You may have a tremendous and explosive experience through one of these
#drugs, but will the deep-rooted aggression, bestiality and sorrow of man

let's hope not! SHEESH!

#If these drugs can solve the intricate and complex problems of relationship,
#then there is nothing more to be said, for then relationship, the demand
#for truth, the ending of sorrow, are all a very superficial affair to be
#solved by taking a pinch of the new golden drug.

even the simple-minded mystics JK chides don't tend to think of these things
as 'problems'.

#[Surely] this is a false approach, isn't it? ....

and a false premise.

#It is said that these drugs can give an experience approximating to
#reality, ....

this is a meaningless statement.

#...As is observed throughout the world, the symbol is observed and not the
#truth. So isn't it a phoney assertion to say that the result of these
#drugs is near the truth?

if one associates them with diffracted states of subject-object observational
consciousness of some 'symbol', sure.

# No dynamic golden pill is ever going to solve our human problems. They
#can only be solved by bringing about a radical revolution in the mind and
#heart of man. This demands hard, constant work, seeing and listening and
#thus being highly sensitive.

what tools will be necessary to effect this remains to be seen. to neglect
any of them may be to our disadvantage.

#The highest form of sensitivity is the highest intelligence, and no
#drug invented by man will ever give this intelligence.

intelligence is over-rated and hardly sensitive. there are varying types
of both sensitivity (marijuana fluxing this control nob in interesting
ways for example) and intelligence (from the bodily to the strictly

#Without this intelligence there is no love; and love is relationship.
#Without this love there is no dynamic balance in man. This love cannot
#be given - by the priests or their gods, by the philosophers or by
#the golden drug.

nobody is saying we've developed a 'love pill'. it may well be possible,
however, that certain substances reveal to the conscious mind alternative
experiences and nuances of love never before felt.

ah bring back the days of revelry and psychedelic ritual frolic.

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