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re: The Only Revolution

Brian Sandle (
Tue, 6 Aug 1996 08:01:45 +1200 (NZST)

Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 08:01:45 +1200 (NZST)
From: Brian Sandle <>
Subject: re: The Only Revolution
In-Reply-To: <>

On Sun, 4 Aug 1996, Takashi Miki wrote:

> >Arigato Takashi san.
> Thank you Kevin, I have been encouraged by your posts.
> I have read some of J.Krishnamurti's books for about ten years.
> I've always felt his words are true. At the same time I've always felt the
> truth he had talked about is beyond my reach. And I know this is due to me.
> His talk on drugs sounds me true intellectually.
> But existentially I can't get it. Yes I agree that I want to get it
> existentilly. still how can I do otherwise? Fact is Fact.

I think the talk was really to those people with him and though we
have this record of what was said It is not the real interplay is it?
Though some stories can have some power.Did you read the one on this
group earlier?

> My fact is;
> I got a small satori while taking MDMA, which led me to become a disciple of
> a Zen master.

Krishnamurti often talks of the limitation of thought. Sometimes his
message that to deny thought in order to be free from it may also be a
product of thought. The message of just to live in this beautiful world
gets lost as we go into analysis. Then we pull apart one another and that
is disastrous and we may be the loser.

Isn't there a place for thought? It might block something in us but also
might be a product of intelligence.

> I like psycoactive subsatnces very

Do they stop thought? What else do they stop? Anything which really could
keep going on in its own way as some product of intelligence?

> The great difficulty to get them in Japan makes me like a begger and me
> miserable:(
> Stil I want to keep investigate them by experiencig them for the sake of
> Search and Fun.

In New Zealand some of the people who take them come away with lower
drives to continue the boring organising activity which helps to have a
good space for the next day. Then do we expect employers to make the
sorts of jobs which will be possible for them?

> I am now not ill physically in particular, but sometimes or often feel dying
> mentally.

You are speaking of a reduction of psychic awareness?

When you spoke of Satori I wondered whether you meant the drugs had
brought you to psychic awareness or whetheryou swere already psychically
aware and the drugs gave you some other insight. Though I have heard
people who are psychically aware anyway say they would only be messed up
by drugs.

> Then I feel the need of some medication.
> So here I am!
> How do you think Braian?
> Sorry for my poor English.

So here is a little English lesson.

But you may be more perceptive about English than you say.

When you ask _how_ I think you are wanting to know my way or mechanism of
thinking. Did you mean to ask that or did you mean to ask _what_ do I think
- the content of my thoughts? The other point in thinking is the _why_ -
the reason for thinking.

If you ask me how I think, then I just let thought come and go. I
sometimes find it hard to know the origin of the thought. The energy of
it rises and falls as the thoughts produce stimulating or depressing
results on the recipients. I notice it very much when in a state of low
physical energy. Then thought no longer acts as the buffer.

I am wondering about the mental development of old people. Do they learn
from their dreams which they can have in the leasure? I worry about the
great race for psychic development in this life.


> > Takshi >

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