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Hypnotic techniques

Kevin Jones (
06 Aug 96 19:12:20 EDT

Date: 06 Aug 96 19:12:20 EDT
From: Kevin Jones <>
To: Subscribers to the maili <>
Subject: Hypnotic techniques

I've been giving some thought to methods of helping someone (ie: a complete
novice) make the journey. My techniques may well be peculiar to me and my
experiences/ abilities. However, it is not too disimilar from methods
occasionally used by shaman to help clients.

Firstly setting is important - personally I'd use my Grove as it is extremely
peaceful. Others might use a garden - whatever suits the person. I would suggest
that it's out of doors if weather permits. Secondly I'd probably give someone an
infusion of 11-15 crushed Datura seeds. It doesn't taste of anything by the way.
The bottom dose limit is not enough to get gross sympathomimetic effects.
They'll be stronger at the top limit (eg: some thirst) but not noticeable. This
is a safe and nonhallucinogenic dose (hallucinations over 15 and under 25,
hallucinations with 3 day unconsciousness 25+ to 30, death 35+). Why use it
then? Cos it a) knocks out inhibitions b) more importantly produces a
suggestible state. It also enables the subject to have technicolour imagery and
dreams - this can be a drawback in some herbal uses but it can be countered by
using Passionflower.

There are other herbs that could be used. It just so happens I've got loads of
Datura in my garden. I use it herbally. It's also more convenient for working
out doses than piddling around with milligram quantities of leaf.

Next, if you know what you are doing, induce a hypnotic trance. I've sent you
the techniques for this. The Datura will help in this. Make it a light trance -
just under and drowsy. This is a good reason not to overdo the Datura - they
might go off to sleep! Now use the trance to a) brief them on what is about to
happen b) guide them through the journey. Obviously there's going to come a
point when you will have to leave them. I would suggest that at this point that
they are briefed to let go and not come back. Of course, it does help if you can
travel a bit of the way with them...

The above could equally be used for someone to go and come back - as I said,
variants of this have been used by tribal shaman and others. Of course, it does
help if someone has the same belief system as you! Oh, there will be people who
have a hangup on letting people too deep into their heads. It is not impossible
to hypnotise such a person - in fact it may be easier - but you won't do so
unless it's against their will, which is a kind of violence and does not accord
with what is intended here. You will have to use other methods with them.


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