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Anexia (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 18:57:35 -0700

Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 18:57:35 -0700
From: Anexia <>
Subject: Knock

Kevin Jones wrote:
> Is anyone still contributing to this list or has everyone gone to sleep?
> Kevin

I've gone (to slrrrrp). Maybe everyone's decided to lurk and nobody's
contributing. Maybe nobody's got anything to say. Vacations? I dunno,
but I wish people would start talking again.

On the short term side: What about these archives. How does that work.
Every once in a while, I miss posts (is it politically correct in
this anally retentive internet society to say "post" in refernce
to a mailing list?) and an archive would be really cool. Anybody
have any ideas as to how to get on of these things goin'?

On the long term side: What about propranolol to block the sympathomimetic
effects of MDMA. We were discussing the use of MDMA to "prime"
a subject's consciousness for the psychedelic experience. In fear
that an ill person might suffer negative consequenses from the
stimulating properties of MDMA, we were discussing ways to block
these stimulating properties without blocking the psychotropic effects.
Well, what about propranolol? Anybody know a sympathetic physician or
pharmacologist that might know the definitive answer?

A couple of things to chew on for those who have given up on the list! I don't
know the answer to these questions. Who does?


"Nothing is true, all is permitted,"
                    Hassan i Sabbah
                    Old Man of The Mountain

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