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re: Knock

Kevin Jones (100621.17@CompuServe.COM)
16 Aug 96 19:37:33 EDT

Date: 16 Aug 96 19:37:33 EDT
From: Kevin Jones <100621.17@CompuServe.COM>
To: Subscribers to the maili <TWC-L@HALMARAX.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: re: Knock

Anexia said:

>On the long term side: What about propranolol to block the sympathomimetic
> effects of MDMA. We were discussing the use of MDMA to "prime"
> a subject's consciousness for the psychedelic experience. In fear
> that an ill person might suffer negative consequenses from the
> stimulating properties of MDMA, we were discussing ways to block
> these stimulating properties without blocking the psychotropic effects.
> Well, what about propranolol? Anybody know a sympathetic physician or
> pharmacologist that might know the definitive answer?

Well, if you saw my earlier post, you'd have seen I checked the matter out with
Dr A Shulgin. Basically what he doesn't know about the pharmacology of of
amphetamines and related compounds isn't worth knowing. Anyway, we're apparently
into a field where there isn't a definitive answer yet. The only solution is to
experiment. Mind you, he thought it was an interesting idea.

I might get involved in a long bit of correspondence with him and see if it's
possible to identify which bit of the molecule is responsible for the
psychoactive properties, as opposed to the adrenergic properties. I would assume
the chain containing the amino group was the latter.

Meantime, I don't know if it has occurred to anyone that the reason why someone
is a terminal patient are many and various. Therfore no one method will fit. As
an example, conditions might include:

1) Multiple sclerosis
2) Heart disease
3) Cancer
4) AIDS related disorders
5) Trauma including burns
6) Liver failure including fulminant necrosis due to hepatitis
7) Renal failure

The list is fairly long - you could include exotica such as Ebola if you wanted
to cover every eventuality! You have a problem in that with a number of
conditions the patient will be in a coma eg: liver failure. Well not much that
can be done about that. In short, we are going to need a number of techniques,
drug and non-drug to cover every eventuality, every disorder where it's
applicable, every sort of patient, that can be adapted to whatever treatment is
being given. Now if the rest of the lurkers and slumbering characters out there
can rack their brains and come up with something useful, we might be able to do
something to help people sometime. SO BLOODY WAKE UP AND CONTRIBUTE!!!

Tony said:

>Well, there were 58 of us until someone mentioned the Bogey-man
>and another bright spark suggested cremation as a type of foreplay.

Ah well, it's a devilish problem running a mailing list! Mind you I can see why
some people might get hot under the collar about cremation as foreplay. i prefer
to leave smoking till afterwards. :-)

Still, we haven't had any suggestions about cannibalism yet! I suppose we should
be grateful for small mercies!

>Since only about 4 or 5 of the remaining subscribers ever participate in
>the discussion, it would be interesting to find out what kind of
>stimulant this silent majority need, to break their silence.

A swift kick up the arse perhaps?

>Nobody here but us cups and saucers.
>You're just trying to stir us up.

That's me - a professional stirrer!


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