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Re: Knock

Tony Halmarack (
Sun, 18 Aug 1996 10:53:03 +0100

From: (Tony Halmarack)
Subject: Re: Knock
In-Reply-To: <>
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 1996 10:53:03 +0100

In message <> Kevin Jones wrote:

> Well, if you saw my earlier post, you'd have seen I checked the matter
> out with Dr A Shulgin. Basically what he doesn't know about the
> pharmacology of of amphetamines and related compounds isn't worth knowing.
> Anyway, we're apparently into a field where there isn't a definitive
> answer yet. The only solution is to experiment. Mind you, he thought it
> was an interesting idea.

This question arose in a related news group recently. It was
answered by Bob Wallace who redirected the questioner to:
MAPS (, since they hold the INA for MDMA.
Dr. Charles Grob at UCLA is the one doing this research.
Chris Whitehouse has mentioned this URL, or one very like it
several times. It's about time I followed it up

> Meantime, I don't know if it has occurred to anyone that the reason why
>someone is a terminal patient are many and various. Therfore no one method
> will fit.

I think this is a very important consideration. You've already
provided information on a variety of methods that might combine
effectively to suit the individual. Holistic?

Anyway, here's a small announcement.

At present I'm receiving hundreds of messages per hour from I think he likes me.
If anyone has TWC-L messages in the pipeline there may be some delay.
Don't feel forsaken. I'll endeavour to paddle towards them
through an ocean of "Gone to Lunch" memo's, once the tide turns.

Tony Halmarack =(*)=

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