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Weed (
Wed, 21 Aug 1996 11:59:04 +0100

Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 11:59:04 +0100
From: Weed <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: archive

>> I presume the archive will include:
>> 1. an index/introduction to the archive
>> 2. a copy of the charter
>> 3. all the posts that have been made to TWC
>> 4. references to relevant literature and journal articles
>> 5. country by country legal implications (and/or refs to them)
>> 6. pharmaceutical/pharmacological information (and/or refs to it)
>> 7. links/refs to other sympathetic sites

> I'm hoping that you can help to inspire, organise and construct.

Mmm... reminds me of Billy Connolly's recollections of his brief career
as a banjo tutor: when things were going well, he managed to keep a week
ahead of his pupils... I'll be happy if I manage to stay less than a week
behind... :)

> Wonderful! Let's Go!

Presume it's not too boring, discussing details of the archive in posts to
the mailing list? - I mean it's not off-subject or anything is it? :)

******* Possible Plan Of Action:

A How's about I do a draft TWC home page (clearly titled as such),
basically nothing more than an index similar to what's listed above?
It could have the provisional URL: <>

B If there are no objections, I will post a message to twc-l late friday
confirming this has been done. Then people can point their browsers
at it & post in comments & suggestions & criticisms.

C I will go through the responses and make any simple changes which are
obviously needed (eg spelling mistakes, missing sections). Changes
which are potentially controversial (eg re a TWC logo design, or
matters of political correctness) can be discussed by the group and
implemented as soon as a consensus decision has been reached :-7

D Complicated changes (eg style, graphics, background music etc) are
probably best done by whoever wants to do them (by pulling the file
down, making the changes necessary, and then emailing it back to me
alomg with any extra files created/needed.) This can be done either
when they have been agreed, or on a trial basis - there's no reasons
why several variant pages shouldn't be available for comparison (eg to
demonstrate why a particular colour combination does or doesn't work)

E Meanwhile, the rest of u will no doubt be posting messages proposing
to do draft pages for the other sections by the following weekend. :)
When written, these can be emailed to me, and I'll link them up.


NB As an html beginner, I'm still learning about frames, forms, tables,
cgi scripts, java, sound, animation, video etc. I have no expertise
as a graphics designer, nor experience with modern graphics packages
(other than Fractint).

I think the home page should be kept fairly small (so it downloads
quickly). But it can still be made to look interesting.

If anyone else wants to take over the responsibility either for
authoring the home page, or hosting the archive on a temporary or
permanent basis, then that's fine by me.


Just an initial suggestion or two... :)

weed -

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