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Re: Query on amphetamines

Lee Brown (100430.574@CompuServe.COM)
21 Aug 96 08:49:23 EDT

Date: 21 Aug 96 08:49:23 EDT
From: Lee Brown <100430.574@CompuServe.COM>
To: TWC <>
Subject: Re: Query on amphetamines

Hi All,

Just returned from Sri Lanka to find a full mailbox.

I had expected to see a few topics which would be open for questioning. Instead
I find that this group has digressed into non-sensical rantings with no point
and which are definatly not along the issues that the TWC was intending to

I do hope that this is due to the holiday season. For if I wanted to talk about
necrophilia and Sex and Bird Watching! I would simply find a newsgroup
pertaining to them.

I am glad that there were a few responses to my suggestion of using MDMA as a
toll. Well done Tony for bringing "Old Sasha" into the frame. Have any of you
guys contributed to the Sahsa Fund to help him pay his legal bills. (Details on

Lets work out what we are trying to achieve and stick to it. We are all free to
express our views but some of the threads go way off the mark. Why does it take
so long for some of us to express a simple point!


Are we all really worried about the Cyber-Police?

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