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Re: TWC-l archive

Tony Halmarack (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 12:27:44 +0100

From: Tony Halmarack <>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 12:27:44 +0100
Subject: Re: TWC-l archive
To: Subscribers to the mailing-list TWC-L <>

In message <> Weed wrote:

> Just to let everyone know what's happening with the TWC pages.
> Tony has created an amazing logo, currently displayed on the archive
> home page [updated 10 March 2005] > and would no doubt love for it
> to be the subject of critical adulation...

You say the nicest things. I did wait for the avalanche of praise, but there
must be a blockage somewhere. Still, if I sing your praises and you mine,
it might keep us buoyant until the rescue craft arrives.

> Next week the system for archiving the mailing list posts should be set
> up using Hypermail which allows for access of posts by date, subject or
> author. This will be available from a standard web page.

That's a great step forward. A literary feast at the push of a button.

Search of body text by keyword combinations would be a useful feature too.
How easy (or difficult) would this be?

> Still to be done are the references (pharmaceutical/legal/botanical etc),

Yes, perhaps it's about time we got stuck in with this. Can you give any
idea of the style and format of these, or do we need to discuss it further?

> the gathering together of the various links that have been mentioned, and
> the formulation of particular lines of enquiry that are relevant to TWC's
> charter.

These are the ones I want to get on with. I think some practical procedures
need to be defined. Then perhaps we could contact groups and individuals who
have developed something valid in this or similar realms.

> Now all this takes up QDDT (quality drug taking time) and the shroom
> gathering system is already upon us so any help trawling through the
> earlier posts or whatever would be most welcome :)

Don't want to impinge on your religious observances, especially after all
the good work you've done :-)

Wow for now!

Tony Halmarack =*=

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