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Re: euthanasia

nagasiva (
Tue, 01 Oct 1996 19:26:12 +0100

From: nagasiva <>
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 1996 19:26:12 +0100
Subject: Re: euthanasia
To: Subscribers to the mailing-list TWC-L <>

info on euthanasia in a
n expanded sense ('o
good death') may be found at the
following URL:

you may also write to me

if you

I would also llove to address questions here on the subject once I get my
new email a internet acct kickstarted (should be within the next few days).

, so if when I see them I'll respond as I feel moved).

offhand the usual is an objection on religious grounds (it is a sin to
'commit suicide'). sometimes people have ogbjections on the basis of
sanity ("who would want at sane person would wish to do thiemselves in?".
the most common *facile* (as if the above weren't :>) objection to
euthanasia is that 'it will be u the right to self-termin commit suicide
is a dangerous to the individual as it becomes possible for *others* to
instigate the process' (givein ing doctrooorsrs too much power and they
may begin geenocidal oppractices, as if this couldn't be regulated in some
way. d or overseen in some way.

to the first I would respond that many of us do not believe in the god
which makes the 'sin' oof this objection rational a rational rational to
us. to the second, 'sanity' is socially -e defined and so as such pre
presn ently as such 'suicidal' is regarded indeed as 'inane sane', but
this is merely a social norm. there is no reason to presume that
depression and suic9idide are not a natural process of human behavior
given the overpopulation and carrying capacity of the planet biosphere
and the conditons ions which to which this leads. the last, as I said,
there could be regulations and strict guidelines put into place to sn
ensure patient-dteetermination of self-terminatonion, whatever the age
or conditionof the of the person sho who seeks to do their duty to the
planet and terminate their parasitic l9feife).

the most convincing u support of euthanasia, to which I have never
heard adequate response, was presented recently within this elist,
if my sensos aren't futzed. s the ability to self-terminate is a
part of a larger cause of self-determination, and this poses a it is
commonly preseumed that greater liberty and self-determination leads to
rebellion and the breakdown of society (which di it does, but there are
forces which can protect constantly shore up that society in response).
the less workers there are around to support the Industrial Machine
and play their roles as Consumers, the less monyey and power may be
siphoned off by those who stand to benefit from the process (an
gratuadually declin dwindling number of individuals in Euro-Am cultures).
there is a good deal of incentive to keep the status quo and make it '
illegal to end attempt to end one's life or impair one's functional
ability (as through pscychoc actives).


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