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re: archive

Weed (
Fri, 11 Oct 1996 08:37:21 +0100

From: Weed <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 08:37:21 +0100
Subject: re: archive
To: Subscribers to the mailing-list TWC-L <>

HELP NEEDED - please read on...

Ok the good news... the mailing list archive is up and running and
all TWC-l posts are automatically added ... er maybe that's
why there's been so few posts lately, just natural shyness I suppose?
Anyway it's surprising how much stuff is already on it! It can be
accessed either via the TWC site: [updated 10 March 2005]

or directly: [updated 10 March 2005]

It's easily sorted by date/subject/author and soon there may be
facilities to do a search throughout the whole archive on
specific words.

The site is still messy, but I'll try & clear it up over the weekend
and also set to work to devise a format for keeping track of references
and links on the other pages. Any help/suggestions etc are welcome.

Oh, I almost forgot... the bad news... most of the posts can be
accessed via the hypermail program, but for some of the early ones &
a few from August/September there is a problem with the links. Now the
easiest way of fixing this, and this is where the

*** HELP ***

is needed, is for someone who has
been using any UNIX mail program (such as Pine or whatever) and has all
(or nearly all) the posts saved in a TWC folder to zip the folder up,
and UUENCODE it or whatever, and send it to me ( so
that Alex, the systems guru at Venus, can upload it into the Hypermail
folder, and hey presto :)


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