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the terminal wing-ding club charter

The Terminal Wing-Ding Club began as a  mailing list  (TWC-l) which aimed to support aged and terminally ill members who wished to follow the example of Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and others, in acting to achieve a beneficial perceptual shift or chemically induced state of grace at the point and time of their deaths.

TWC-l existed to discuss and advance the development of legal and socially acceptable ways in which subscribers could advise and aid those seeking to illuminate the path of their onward journey by these methods.

Palliative drugs are commonly administered to those approaching death. To offer psychoactive chemicals where appropriate and provide support and guidance to help bring about the desired spiritual state, is but a small and humane step beyond current practices.

Approaching the subject with humour and a little irreverence may help to provoke the appropriate paradigm shift.

[The mailing list started in June 1996 and was active until the end of the year.]

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