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Re: Comments on TWC-L

Brian Sandle (
Thu, 27 Jun 1996 17:54:25

Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 17:54:25 
From: Brian Sandle <>
Subject: Re: Comments on TWC-L
In-Reply-To: <>

On Mon, 24 Jun 1996, chilo-amine wrote:

> Yeah, that's a good idea. I did not get a letter outlining the
> "mission" of the list. Is it purely informational, is it activist, etc?
> Let me know what your main goal is and I'll discuss it with you. All I
> know is that I'm interested in the subject. I guess you just have to
> start somewhere and let the thing grow like a living organism. Maybe a
> good way to start is by informing people about Huxley's, Leary's, etc.
> beliefs about the psychedelic experience, their experiences with dying,
> and their motivation for taking hallucinogens at that crucial juncture of
> spiritual growth.

But what about failures that you know of, perhaps want to keep quiet
about - ones becoming less able to communicate face to face, having
trouble learning tasks like Internet, housecleaning, etc.

Or do you count all this part of `spiritual growth'? And does death end
the suffering of having lived with the disabilities engendered?

Brian Sandle

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