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Re: One possible approach to TWC viability

Anexia (
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 14:58:04 -0700

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1996 14:58:04 -0700
From: Anexia <>
Subject: Re: One possible approach to TWC viability

Tony Halmarack wrote:

> Petition and other lobbying procedures are useful ways of bringing
> about change. They should be put into operation as quickly as possible.
> Can anyone on the list offer any advice on the practicality of these
> approaches?

To get enough signatures, one needs to petition in the right places.
Campuses of liberal colleges and universities are a good place to start.
Rock concerts are another good place to get signatures. I don't know
much else about it. I've never actually done it. I know getting the
signitures and getting it voted for are lightyears apart.

> Meanwhile, it may be worth considering some less formal alternatives
> that would allow us to proceed effectively with TWC aims. For instance,
> what would be the legal and logistical implications of the following:

> Bands, light shows, jugglers and acrobats
> could be optional extras.

Sounds fun, but more like a dead show that spiritual preparation for
death. I think a soothing band (sitar + tabla player, for example) would
be great. Relaxing lights also sounds great, but a "show" connotates to
me distracting stimulous. Sometimes to new users, stimulous can be
Have you ever done any hypnosis or guided imagery? A hypnotist
and a holy-person would make a great team as the leaders on a
psychological/psychedelic journey into a place where death is not
frightening...where on is prepared and open to move on.
I imagine the patient, with friends and family, reclining
comfortably in a soothing environment. In a mindset that predisposes one
to view the universe as a wonderful unity, the patient's subconscious
could be lead by the hypnotist (supervised by the holy-person) into
acceptance via guided imagery.

"Nothing is true, all is permitted"
                    Hassan i Sabbah
                    Old Man of The Mountain

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