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Re: Copy of: Primary Support

Kevin Jones (100621.17@CompuServe.COM)
28 Jul 96 12:23:39 EDT

Date: 28 Jul 96 12:23:39 EDT
From: Kevin Jones <100621.17@CompuServe.COM>
To: Subscribers to the maili <TWC-L@HALMARAX.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: Re: Copy of: Primary Support

Tony Halmarack said:

>Is it possible to counteract the circulatory system effects of
>these chemicals, without losing the benefits?

In theory. I am not aware of any research on the matter and I may have to ask Dr
Alexander Shulgin but it occurs to me that there may well be two receptors
involved in the actions of MDMA. The first, activated by the phenylethylamine
group, would be normally triggered by adrenaline and related compounds. The
second, which gives the hallucinogenic or psychoactive properties is more likely
to be due to the ligands bonding to a related receptor. I would have to bugger
about with a molecular modelling program to be sure though.

If anyone wants to try, I'd suggest trying something that opposes the action of
adrenaline. Incidentally, some of the natural amphetamine derivatives can be
interesting. Some have no pharmaceutical equivalents. Many have been used for
the purposes of divination etc in the past - or at least the plants which
produce them have. I've had a particularly weird experience with one, but that's
another story. According to Greek myth, this plant was a reward from the gods
for alleviating old age and for being able to speak to the gods. Well, it's not
only hallucinogenic in high doses, it's also fairly effective for restoring a
sex drive that is flagging with old age.


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