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re: The Only Revolution

Kevin Jones (100621.17@CompuServe.COM)
04 Aug 96 14:55:51 EDT

Date: 04 Aug 96 14:55:51 EDT
From: Kevin Jones <100621.17@CompuServe.COM>
To: Subscribers to the maili <TWC-L@HALMARAX.DEMON.CO.UK>
Subject: re: The Only Revolution

Brian Sandle wrote:

> But New Zealand is nearly highest in the world for youth suicide - 25% of
youth >death since drugs and consequent unemployment have come in here.

Almost certainly the other way around from personal observation. With no
employment and therefore not a huge amount of dosh there remain only two ways
for most people to alleviate the boredom - alcohol or recreational drugs.
However, it is unlikely, again from personal observation, that drugs are the
cause of most suicides in such circumstances, although alcohol can exacerbate
depression. People largely top themselves because of depression; they get
depressed because their self worth and self confidence is in negative values.
It's in negative values because they are unemployed and lacking in dosh in a
society that values people by their earning power and awards status by what jobs
they have. You ain't got a job, you ain't got much money, you're a failure. If
you've never had a job, like some kids in this country, you are entirely outside
society. And you've still got to put up with politicians telling you that you're
scum for being unemployed. So you get what we've got in parts over here - kids
who've never had a job and will never be able to get a job either earning money
illegally, staying 'off planet' for large amounts of time, drunk or topping

OK, so that's a bit simplistic as an explanation - but it's a bit more accurate
than the average politician's simplistic reasons. Largely because they'd have to
blame themselves otherwise.

Anyway, what happened to discussions about the terminally ill? This is well off
topic and I don't really wish to start a whole new thread about it. It's not


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