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Re: archive

Tony Halmarack (
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 16:46:04 +0100

From: Tony Halmarack <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 16:46:04 +0100
Subject: Re: archive
To: Subscribers to the mailing-list TWC-L <>

In message <> Weed wrote:

> > Search of body text by keyword combinations would be a useful feature
> > too. How easy (or difficult) would this be?
> It's possible! There's some software being developed at Venus which goes
> through all the files looking for keywords - should be straightforward to
> adapt it to our reqs - will follow this up.

This would be a great incentive to search the archives, especially when
we've managed to pack a bit more material in there.

> >> Still to be done are the references (pharmaceutical/legal/botanical etc),
> > Yes, perhaps it's about time we got stuck in with this. Can you give any
> > idea of the style and format of these, or do we need to discuss it further?
> Initially I'd be be happy enough with simple lists (one item per line),
> - in alphabetical order of author's name, together with title,
> publisher/source, date, short comments (if necessary), & maybe the name
> of the person who submitted the reference to the archive? By the time the
> list becomes unwieldy, it will easier to see the easiest way to organise
> it. What does anyone else think. Of course, some of the refs might be to
> TWC posts themselves when they contain original/relevant information, but
> often I would expect them to refer to journal articles, which should be
> directly concerned with the TWC's primary interest(s).

I'll mail you directly to clarify this.

> >> the gathering together of the various links that have been mentioned,
> >> and the formulation of particular lines of enquiry that are relevant
> >> to TWC's charter.
> > These are the ones I want to get on with. I think some practical
> > procedures need to be defined. Then perhaps we could contact groups and
> > individuals who have developed something valid in this or similar realms.
> Sounds good - what do you suggest? :)

Well, I suggest that we start thinking in terms of a material foundation; an
institution where the ideals of TWC can be practiced. A haven where people can
benefit from the care and attention that the TWC offers.
Courses to instruct and encourage practitioners, guides and helpers could
also take place at this location, bringing together both the caring and needy
elements that will go toward creating the desirable whole.

I've been reading "This Timeless Moment" by Laura Huxley. So far, there have
been some inspiring passages. The account of the last days Aldous Huxley spent with
his first wife Maria seem particularly relevant to TWC mores.

In this account the dying Maria is encouraged to visualise the divine and
infinite in clear and vivid detail, concentrating ultimately on merging
with a benevolent light. Hypnotism as well as drugs are used to clear her path,
and the combination is wonderfully effective in allowing the
dying person to make the transition in a positive and comfortable way.
An essential part of the process being in the helpers constant presence and
affirmation by means of thought word and touch.

When we can offer this kind of support and encouragement to the dying on a
wider scale, a great social and spiritual improvement in the lives and deaths
of the participants will ensue.

I for one would prefer to be assisted to a direct, optimistic death like
this, rather than to sit miserable, grudging and fearful, in Dr Deaths
waiting room for months or years on end. Not that the latter option is
likely to be availble in the UK for much longer, as escalating costs and
a growing population of elderly people erode good-will and available

Though the sense and value of these methods will inevitably become
accepted, at present there may be a need to attract private funding for
this project. I intend to take a step in this direction by becoming the
Henry Ford of Bonsai. Production-line methods and widespread sales should
provide some capital to get the TWC's programme off the ground. Other
suggestions for material development will be gratefully accepted.

> One thing that will need changing at some point Tony, if it's not yet been
> done, is to include the URL for the TWC achive pages in the info that new
> subscribers receive.
> weed <>

I'll do that right after I've had a nice cup of tea.

Best wishes,
Tony Halmarack =*=

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